WSJ accuses Huawei of receiving billions from the Chinese government

The “trenches” include the Wall Street Journal and Huawei, with the first to issue charges and the second to deny them. The WSJ article says the Chinese government offered Huawei $ 75 billion in financial support , allowing it to survive the US-sponsored trade war. The helping hand is supposed to come in the form of government loans, capital investments, tax exemptions, and the involvement of diplomats.

Huawei rushed to respond to WSJ’s article in a lengthy statement, dismissing the accusations against it and emphasizing WSJ’s bias against the company.

Once again, the WSJ released false information about Huawei based on false information. This time, the outrageous allegations about Huawei’s finances ignore 30 years of successful R&D investment, which has driven innovation and the tech industry as a whole.

Huawei essentially denies any special treatment by the Chinese government and reserves the right to take the legal route for several irresponsible articles.