This is the most expensive iPhone in the world (VIDEO)

The luxury brand Caviar has teamed up with the popular YouTuber MKBHD to ship the most expensive iPhone in the world . Marques of course accepted and Caviar sent from Moscow, where he is based, a representative to deliver it in person, since the value of the phone exceeds € 100,000 .

So what can a phone that costs so much money include? First of all, it’s an iPhone 11 Pro . In addition, the glass back of the phone has been replaced with a functional 24-hour gold watch and 137 diamonds.

As for the premium package, it features a pair of microfiber gloves, a collector’s certificate, a USB-C fast charger, a USB-C lightning cable, a pair of custom Caviar AirPods Pro headphones and a wristwatch wrench.

The phone weighs in at 436 grams, while a conventional iPhone 11 Pro weighs 188 grams. Those who love the exaggeration and support it can choose their own custom iPhone 11 or 11 Pro at Caviar’s website with prices starting from € 87,710 and up to € 104,450.