Stranger Things 4: Four New Characters Added – Who Are They?

A few days ago it was announced when the fourth season of Stranger Things began filming, and after the enjoyable 3rd season , Hawkins’ group is expected to move on and see it in new scenes and adventures. Still, the coming season is covered by a veil of mystery from Netflix , beyond whatever theories are circulating. However, new information is coming about some new characters to be added. 

According to TVLine , we have the first descriptions of the four new characters we will see in season 4, three of them teenagers and all men. One of them looks like someone related to the Russian jail, who will play a big part in the plot after the post credits scene of Season 3. 

Then the other three are a “miner”, a “bad athlete” and another “stoner”. They all look out of the stereotypes of that decade and are no surprise with the 80s backdrop of the series. It remains to be seen how all these new characters will stick with the existing ones, as we will meet them in another city, not Hawkins town. 

With Stranger Things 4 filming set to end in the summer of 2020, it may return to Netflix in 2021.