Capcom: “We haven’t given up Deep Down”

Deep Down announced for PlayStation 4 through a special event in February 2013, since then we have seen little of the title, while some believe to this day that the title has been canceled by Capcom .

Through a Eurogamer interview with Yoshinori Ono, we come across some new information on the company’s RPG title. During the interview the creator was asked about Deep Down and what happened and we haven’t seen it yet.

The original game team is no longer together, but the public will have noticed that we are keeping the Deep Down trademark. We haven’t given up yet. Every year we look at our future titles and choose different projects we want to pursue. I can’t say more about it, but again, if you’ve noticed we’ve retained the trademark and that means we haven’t given up the title completely.

The Eurogamer reporter then says that at TGS he had tried Capcom’s title years ago and looked promising. Yoshinori Ono replied that they’ve been developing it ever since, but yes …

The last news we had from Deep Down was in December 2014 where some new images were released with Yoshinori Ono revealing that the game was finally bigger than they had anticipated.

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